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Working with the most progressive organisations on some of the largest and most complex projects provides us with opportunities to develop new insights into engineering, project management, team motivation, safety leadership and business administration.
Opinions count; which is why we are constantly summarising ours in ‘thought leadership’ papers and publishing them here.
Please feel free to download and share our thoughts and insights; and if they provoke your own thoughts and opinions we would love to receive your feedback.

Mind The Gap

Mind ‘The Gap’

Rebuilding Trust and Respect in Professional Delivery Teams

‘The Gap’ exists between the technical professionals within an organisation and those who are responsible for delivery – typically the project management and business administrative functions.
Every year organisations spend countless management days and precious profit margin grappling with ‘The Gap’. But many never manage to find a permanent solution to the problem. This paper explores the root causes of the problem and puts forward a four point action plan which endeavours to reduce disharmony and increase collaboration.

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A typical class

Leaving a legacy is important to us. We focus on delivering tangible and lasting benefits for our clients. However for CAPBROWN it’s bigger than that. Which is why every year we spend time on projects in developing countries leaving legacies of improvement where the needs are greatest.

Strategy Consulting


We recognise the competitive pressures faced by companies in today’s global markets and the constant pressure on leaders to achieve growth and productivity improvements year on year