Who we are

CAPBROWN Consulting was established by Colin Brown in 2010. An instinctive integrator of people, process and technology, Colin has over 20 years experience in complex safety critical systems engineering, project management, safety leadership, change management and executive coaching.


We combine skills in engineering, project management and business transformation to create powerful insights and effective delivery of business improvements.

We are engineers

Foremost, we are outstanding engineers and engineering leaders with extensive backgrounds in complex safety critical engineering and technology development.

We are project managers

As experience project managers, we are also passionate about delivering results, with the personal drive and energy levels to get things done well.

And we are agents of change

Skilled at identifying the essence of a business and what needs to be done to move it forwards, we create the vision and case for change to inspire and motivate teams to move to the next level.

Depending on the challenge, we draw on an extensive network of consultants to put together a customised team to support your business needs. Ranging from expertise in organisational redesign, specialists in engineering, project management and safety, CAPBROWN Consulting makes sure the right team is deployed every time.

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Our Work Outside Work

A typical class

Leaving a legacy is important to us. We focus on delivering tangible and lasting benefits for our clients. However for CAPBROWN it’s bigger than that. Which is why every year we spend time on projects in developing countries leaving legacies of improvement where the needs are greatest.

Strategy Consulting


We recognise the competitive pressures faced by companies in today’s global markets and the constant pressure on leaders to achieve growth and productivity improvements year on year